RIB Construction Management LTD requested

RIB Construction Management LTD came with a very clear request. RIB Construction Management wanted BIGMatrix to manage everything that has IT involved. From emails to Website, from companies logo to photo-shoots for the website and promotions.

RIB is taking care of constructions management, which means that most of the time it’s hard to communicate with a RIB’s representative because their business is done at construction sites.

Our supplies

Some of the service that we supply for RIB:

  • Hosting and Domains – to host a website, ssl and DNS records
  • Emails – User management and configuration
  • Website – development and maintenance
  • Photoshoots – In case more pictures are needed on the website
  • Real-time backups – for disaster recovery

  • Other – ad hoc IT tasks

Our implementation

BIGMatrix implementation for RIB covers all-round online discoverability.

At first, BIGMatrix supplied RIB Construction Management with a hosting solution, domain name and DNS configuration. For emails, we used a cloud-based solution, which is a more reliable solution and has easier accessibility.

BIGMatrix has also become main contact for all IT questions because RIB Construction Management doesn’t have a dedicated IT department. This helps RIB Construction Management to focus on business instead of IT.

After solving hosting, emails and IT support questions, BIGMatrix started working on RIB Construction Management website, Facebook page and Instagram. Portfolio type website was chosen because the work they have done is a best representation of the company and gives a bigger picture for Clients. When content was in place we started working on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), because most of the projects they get, comes from the online discoverability.

BIGMatrix implemented other tools like search console, Google Analytics, Google My Business and other tools to kick-start the business.

RIB Construction Management was very happy, because BIGMatrix was able to deliver all nescessary contetnt to kick-start the business in less than a month.