Tercija requested

At first Tercija came to us with a very specific request – they wanted BIGMatrix to help them to deploy windows server for MDVR devices. After successful delivery, Tercija came to us with more requests, which included deployment of few other windows servers for MDVR’s, maintenance for both servers. They even asked us to become their emergency contacts for MDVR services, so their clients could contact us directly if there were any issues with MDVR servers, devices or event client software. Cooperation didn’t end there, so last and currently ongoing project is to administration of companies e-commerce website, e-marketing, hosting and other IT services which needs to be maintained and updated daily, but our work with tercija doesnt end there…

Our supplies

Currently, we are working very closely with Tercija on a daily basis, to keep up with the services we supply to them:

  • Windows servers – to host services for MDVR devices
  • 24/7/365 Support – for Tercija and their clients
  • Hosting – for website and web apps
  • Real-time backups – for disaster recovery