BIGMatrix – rethink your IT

With comprehensive experience across IT, communications and security, we’ll cover all your business technology needs. Whether you choose to fully outsource your IT or only some parts –  we will provide solutions from initial advice or consultancy to supply, implementation and ongoing support.

It’s time to rethink Your IT. Outsourcing will let you concentrate more on your Business, while BIGMatrix will take care of your IT.


Key to any business is pricey IT department, but It is very hard for small to medium-size businesses to find a budget for it. That’s why BIGMatrix is here. We can cover your back on one project or the specific part of business, or we can maintain your whole IT infrastructure from computers or websites to business automation or project development and deployment.

  • Development – we can help you with any development project, no matter big or small, website or integration
  • Migration services – changing CRM or other SaaS? Moving to a dedicated server or cloud? We can help

  • Hosting – on-site, private or cloud hosting services and solutions
  • IT support – full remote support from laptop deployment to server or users management
  • IT Projects Management – tired of looking for someone who can do something? Look no more, we will do the hard work
  • Business Continuity – recover fast from disaster and start working ASAP
  • Network Solutions – cabling, the configuration of equipment, enterprise WiFi – no problem
  • Lots more – we can help you with anything if it has IT involved


BIGMatrix focus on making IT easier, more reliable and more affordable for small to medium size businesses. No matter how big or small project is, BIGMatrix can help you with it. We offer a wide variety of different services which we provide with thee main goals in mind.

Our Work.

Here at BIGMatrix we work closely with our clients, to help them to get the most out of IT. We listen, implement, manage and maintain IT projects from start to finish. Want to learn more? Check our success stories:

Our work for Tercija

At very beginning Tercija came to us with a very specific request – they wanted BIGMatrix to help them to deploy windows servers for MDVR devices. After very successful implementation, Tercija came back…

Customer - Tercija - Logo - Big