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K & A Chartered Surveyors LTD provide expertise in all Building Surveying disciplines for private and commercial clients. They pride themselves on their Customer Service which is paramount to their business with many returning clients.

K&A Chartered Surveyors wanted

K&A Chartered Surveyors wanted a business website to kick-start their business and online marketing, share their ideas and attract more potential clients. At the same time, they tried to save so that they could reinvest into the business.

We delivered

Because K&A Chartered Surveyors LTD was a new company, they had to start from scratch. They needed everything from logos, emails and website to social media accounts and hosting. So our deliverables include:

  • Logo;
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups;
  • Hosting;
  • Website development;
  • Emails;
  • Photoshoots and photo editing;
  • Etc…

Our implementation

We started by creating a logo that represents what K&A Chartered Surveyors LTD is all about.

When you have a logo, the next thing you need is an email. Nice business email, with a domain name, not yahoo or gmail at the end. For this, we set up G Suite. We chose G Suite because it comes with Google Drive (to create documents and to share something with your clients), calendars and other cloud services.

Logo – Done. Emails – Done. Next, we started creating the website. The website was young… So BIGMatrix and the client worked together to come up with content, which would represent the company.

As soon as the content was created, we started working on the design. We thought a lot about how we represent the content cleanly and nicely. Content, of course, includes pictures, so we had to find images that support the text or service. When we were unable to decide on the photo, we had to take our camera and come up with a beautiful picture ourselves.

When the website, content and logo was done, we had to host everything. So we decided to host the website in the cloud VPS. For this, we used Apache, PHP and MySQL, which was set up by us.

By now, we had the website up and running. So now K&A Chartered Surveyors LTD needs social media groups, where they could share their ideas and project. So we helped the client to set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups.

And the work doesn’t end here, along with the website we also implemented google analytics, google search console, we did basic SEO implementation, etc… Everything you need to kick-start your business.

At the moment we are working closely with K&A Chartered Surveyors LTD to increase their discoverability by analysing and improving SEO.

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