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SWAT Engineering LTD provides residential and commercial air conditioning, renewable heating and ventilation installation projects and servicing throughout London. Their mission is high-quality standards for building engineering system installation.

SWAT Engineering wanted

Over the years, a lot of different companies worked on the website of SWAT Engineering. Over those years, a lot of things stopped working after every single amendment or fix. So SWAT Engineering came to BIGMatrix and asked us to analyse why traffic, sales and engagements are meagre. Other than that, SWAT Engineering also wanted us to fix the most obvious problems on their website and create a custom shipping module for TransGlobal express API.

We delivered

Website of SWAT Engineering was already live and was getting around 800 visits per day. Still, only 1-3 visits per month ended up as a purchase of products or services. We had to figure out why and to do that:

  • We analysed the front end of the website. We gave SWAT Engineering some insights in the form of a report on why they are not engaging customers and how to improve that;
  • We analysed the back end of the website. We noticed that every single company that worked on their website was amending core code of WordPress and Opencart, which destroyed the integrity of the Content Management Systems. Which leads to other crucial modules to not work;
  • We analysed SEO. We found that, because of amendments of code, a lot of crucial parts for SEO were missing, and search engines were unable to parse the website;
  • We fixed the most prominent front end problems by creating custom front end modules;
  • BIGMatrix restored the original core code for Opencart and WordPress by creating modules for all modifications that appeared over the years. Which also led to crucial modules to start working again;
  • On request, we created a fully automatic shipping module for Opencart, which shows shipping prices in real-time and utilises Transglobal Express API.

Our implementation

When SWAT Engineering came to us, they had a lot of apparent problems. Some of those problems included payment methods not being able to process payments, random texts appearing all over the website, etc. Because those problems were stopping customers from buying products from their website, we had to fix them ASAP. Most of the fixes were done by:

  • Removing old modifications, which were no longer supported by CMS’s (Content Management System);
  • Creating a custom modification to fix what was done by others.

Next step was to analyse what can be done to fix all the problems permanently. We backed up the website and compared the code of the website with the original code of the CMS. There were loads of changes all over the place. So to remediate the problems, we created custom modules for all the different changes. The hardest part was to figure out which change does what and how to combine and name all those changes into separate modules. After exporting the changes, we restored the original code and uploaded our custom build modules. Eventually, most of the broken things started to work again.

Now it was an SEO turn. SWAT Engineering have paid a lot of money for their SEO, which turns out to be broken and unrecoverable.  For search engines to index the website, we had to reinstall and reconfigure the SEO module. When the SEO module was fully working, we gave instructions on how to write texts, which tags and where to use, for the website to be ranked higher.

Now the fun part. SWAT Engineering requested BIGMatrix to create a custom shipping module, which would utilise the TransGlobal Express API. Development and testing of the module took 2 weeks. In those two weeks, we have developed a module, which shows real-time shipping prices and handles the booking.

Now we work with SWAT Engineering daily on SEO, UI and UX.

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