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UAB Tercija is a company operating in Lithuania which specialises in distribution and installation of MDVR systems, truck security systems and other electronics for cars, trucks and busses.

Tercija wanted

At first, Tercija came to us with a particular request – they wanted BIGMatrix to help them to deploy windows servers for MDVR devices. After successful delivery, Tercija came to us with more requests, which included the deployment of a few other windows servers for MDVRs, maintenance for both servers. They even asked us to become their emergency contacts for MDVR services. So, Tercia’s clients now contact BIGMatrix directly if there are any issues with MDVR servers, devices or even client software. Cooperation didn’t end there. The latest and currently ongoing project is to the administration of their eCommerce website, e-marketing, hosting and other IT services which need to be maintained and updated daily. Still, our work with Tercija doesn’t end there.

We delivered

Currently, we are working very closely with Tercija daily, to keep up with the services we supply to them:

  • Windows servers – to host services for MDVR devices;
  • 24/7/365 support – for Tercija and their clients;
  • Hosting – for website and web apps;
  • Real-time backups – for disaster recovery;
  • Website – development and maintenance;
  • Marketing strategies – for e-commerce and retail;
  • Other – ad hoc IT tasks.

Our implementation

Our work for Tercija covers different parts of the business like marketing, e-commerce, brand awareness, operations and others.

BIGMatrix has deployed and is now maintaining Windows servers with different services running on them. Services include MySQL, Tomcat, custom-built services for MDVR and others. On a monthly and daily basis, we are taking care of MySQL optimisations, updates for software and services, optimisation of the operating systems, health checks, response to downtimes, etc.

Tercija wanted to avoid having a dedicated IT department to handle support requests. BIGMatrix helped with that as well. BIGMatrix is now the primary contact for any IT questions or support requests for Tercija and their clients. BIGMatrix helps Tercija to save time and reinvest it into business development.

BIGMatrix is also maintaining Tercija’s website, Facebook page and Instagram. The website was re-designed and optimised for search engines for better discoverability. We are continuously improving and updating the CMS and modules, updating and adding content, creating images and taking care of websites marketing. All we need from Tercija is one email with changes, and we do the rest.

BIGMatrix and Tercija have a solid relationship – we work together for more than three years.

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